About me

UX Designer. Shameless Literary Polygamist. Stationery Junkie. Geek.

This is me. Paula Alonso Ishihara

My name is Paula Alonso Ishihara and I'm an experience designer. I've been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years, and around half of that time I've been designing.

A brief intro about MIDORICHAN

Midorichan is my nickname. I was named Midori「緑、みどり」 by my japanese grandparents, its meaning is: green. Over the years it has become part of my identity and my heritage.

Some background

I studied System Engineering early in my career, and then switched to Graphic Design, lured by the creativity and the impact that visual can have on people's everyday life. But I couldn't stop there: I have always been insatiably curious, with a thirst for improvement for practically everything I found in my way, so when I came across experience design I knew it was the right job for me.

Before becoming a UX designer, I worked very closely with people (as a tech support rep), and as a QA Analyst. This background has helped me to understand people and their frustrations, to become a better listener, to empathize, and to want to channel all my energy towards making the experience count in the design of any product.

My past in sys engineering, and then in design, has given me a great mix to base my UX career on, and a solid foundation to become a full-stack designer.

You can find me online pretty much everywhere as midorichan (unless taken 😭), but here are some shortcuts: